Planned Community Declarations: A failure in community governance

I’ve commented several times on the astuteness of the Constitutional Convention representatives who met in Philadelphia in 1787 to rewrite and revise the current federal charter, The Articles of Confederation. It only took these wise men some 11 years to realize that the structure of the Articles was severely defective and a new charter was necessary. The result was the Constitution of the United States of America.

In our times, we have a new form of community goverance, the homeowners association, created by the ULI and FHA with their guidleline, The Homes Association Handbook in 1963. This handbook was motivated primarliy by profit oriented business interests, and not by those seeking to establish a better form of community governance.

Why continue, as evidenced by the mindless struggle of state legislators and some advocates, to try and make this charter, this constitution, for community governance work? We already have laws that apply to all homeowners equally. They’ve been chasing their tails for over 40 years now, in the misguided attempt that they can write a better constitution than the US Constitution. It’s time that they realize that the HOA concept must be allowed to take its destined course, and stop trying to make the unworkable workable for the people of this country.

There are workable alternatives for planned community governance, but would not be acceptable by those whose income stream is derived from HOAs — the special interests that created planned community governance.

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