The Land of the HOA

The basis, as I’ve come to understand it, as to why state legislatures and the courts have protected HOAs and ignored our rights, lies in certain theories of economics pertaining to government efficiency in terms of allocating resources, and governmental decisions relating to making a better, happier society. And they are not mainstream American views nor do they reflect the views of our Founding Fathers.

Excerpt from “Land of the HOA” in the April issue of The HOA Citizen–

At one time, many years ago, America lived up to the words of the Star Bangled Banner,

“The Land of the free and the home of the brave”

Today, with the increasing support by state and local governments for private government HOAs that see no evils with making property values more important than our inalienable rights and freedoms, America has come to be,

The Land of the Homeowners Association

Proponents of HOAs believe that it’s their unalienable right to private, corporate, undemocratic governments that promote increasing values, in terms of wealth, to the members of the HOA.

And so this focus on wealth and economics have lured many an unsuspecting homebuyer into not only believing in HOAs, but also into defending them and their undemocratic governance in pursuit of wealth.

This is the carrot that is handed out, but you must also accept the stick as well.

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