Lost Constitution webinar series – #1

I’d like to thank the attendees at this first of a series of seminars on Restoring the Lost Constitution to HOA-Land. It was my first Hosting displaying important documents.

As mentioned in the seminar, I am primarily focused on legalities but also concerned about the lack of ethical and moral values surrounding HOA-Land.  As an update, I had a recent call from a disabled widow who was allowed to have a front gate in her HOA for 23 years.  A new BOD arrived and differences arose resulting in  a citation for unapproved gate.  The BOD said prove the approval by  some prior BOD, and she couldn’t.  What happened to  the attributes of a genuine healthy community of neighbors helping another in distress, who have compassion and a charitable heart, all making for  a healthy “village”?  NADA!

Welcome to the New America of HOA-Land.

I hope you will find the webinar (see link below) helpful and useful in bringing about necessary changes by alerting your HOA BOD and fellow members as to the real nature of HOA-Land; and the private agenda of CAI.  This webinar argued, and provided documentation, that the dominant entity,  promoting its role as an educator, proclaimed HOAs to be independent principalities operating without government and judicial oversight.  And preferred it that way. That is really secessionist if you think about it for a moment. And harmful to our democratic system of government and its values and principals.

I will invite you all again for the continuation of Introduction as I delve deeper into what HOA-Land is all about; and CAI’s role and dominance over the legislators, the media, the BODs  and HOA members.  I am considering having a panel of a few advocates for an interchange of views. Temporary date is scheduled for Friday, June 5th.

I have uploaded the recording for all to see and distribute with accreditation. Look here  https://vimeo.com/421950279.

Associa calls for HOA education, but

From Associa’s blog (HOA 101, Associa Blog (May 19, 2020).

What Makes a Good HOA President?

  1. They have a student mindset.

Board members aren’t expected to be experts right away. Good presidents should take the time to learn about the state and local laws, governing documents, and the overall operations of the association. They should also seek out and respect the advice of professional partners. There is always more to learn, and the more you know, the better off you’ll be.

  1. They are good mediators.

When residents disagree, things can get heated—and board members typically need to get involved. Board presidents must maintain a professional demeanor, stay objective, and be willing to understand all points of view.

Carona   (HOA 101, Associa Blog (May 19, 2020). Associa is a national HOA management firm owned by former Texas Senator Carona,)

John J. Carona, Chairman & CEO



* * * *

I am offering this webinar to present what Associa and other CAI stalwarts call HOA 101 education, education that is biased and fails to acknowledge serious constitutional flaws with the HOA legal scheme. Get all the info needed to make a fully informed decision!

George K> Staropoli is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Lost HOA Constitution

Time: May 22, 2020 11:00 AM Arizona (PDT)

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Meeting ID: 792 4540 6291

Password: 4t1jVM

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Colorado HB 1200 needs your active support

Colorado’s HB 1200,[i] brought to my attention by journalist Ruthy Wexler, is an outstanding bill that provides for the long ignored, not my job, state oversight of HOA violations. It is a measure that provides the constitutional protections against depriving “a person of property without due process of law” and against denying “the equal protection of the laws.” These protections have been denied by the HOA “constitution,” its CC&Rs. Although a private contract, these protections cannot be waived.

HB 1200 is a much more protective bill of homeowner rights and freedoms as was introduced in Arizona in 2006 and adopted in the face of stringent opposition by CAI. CAI then proceeded in 3 court cases over 4 years to have the statute declared unconstitutional and have the ruling applied to all Arizona HOAs. It almost won but the Arizona Supreme Court denied it precedent value and in 2011 the statute was amended to handle CAI’s claims of unconstitutionality. It is in operation today under Arizona’s real estate department.

I was actively involved in the creation of this Office of Admin. Hearings adjudication of HOA disputes and in the defense of its constitutionality.[ii]

The role of CAI, as presented above, should not be taken lightly. Strong and active homeowner support will be necessary to carry this bill to law. I commented on former Colorado Senate President Morgan Carroll’s book:

Yes, there have been champions of HOA reform, but advocates fail to realize that these legislators must buck the powers that be at the legislature and win over the votes of a majority of other legislators. And this takes outcries by many people, not with gripes of “I wuz wronged!” but with valid arguments as to why HOAs are wrong for the state and the general public well-being.  And how to fix  these wrongs.[iii]

Take heed Coloradans and get behind the sponsors today!


[i] HB 1200.

[ii] See AZ Supreme Court accepts advocate’s amicus brief in challenge to HOA statute.

[iii] See Why HOA reform advocates fail at legislative reforms (2011).

What the Lost HOA Constitution webinar will reveal

Veritas para Justitia  (Truth for Justice)

May 22, 2020 11:00 AM PDT

To receive an invitation please respond to gks256@NYU.edu with “webinar” as the subject and the email address that you will use to participate

The 1964 Homes Association Handbook is the HOA “bible.” Here’s an example of the objectives of the origins of HOA-Land:

The last paragraph of the Foreword by the then ULI (Urban Land Institute) President reads:

“It is our firm belief that the information and recommendations contained in the handbook will be of major value to land developers, planners, home builders, appraisers, mortgage lenders, realtors, attorneys, association officers, and public officials concerned with the planning, development, and operation of stable and attractive residential areas for the home owner and the community.”

Reads like a money-making venture with a social value attached. Like selling a business product for the backers. The Handbook has no references to questions of local government or constitutional validity. But over the course of years HOAs have been sold as protecting property values, the greatest form of democracy, and “care-free living” among other “community” connotations. All purchased under a real estate contract and not under a commercial business or stock contract. Is this misrepresentation?

More can be found in the webinar.


Lost Constitution Webinar

Veritas para justitia

May 22, 2020 11:00 AM PDT

This FREE webinar dares discuss the CAI taboos!

The overall intent and purpose of this webinar series is the education and reorientation of HOA members, especially the board of directors, to long ignored issues of constitutional validity; issues that the public will not find in the multitude of materials and publications of that business trade group, Community Associations Institute, CAI.

Geo zoom

The reorientation project is the first step toward the understanding and acceptance of my Plan Toward the Restructuring the HOA Model of Governance; it requires an examination of the role and influence of CAI in supporting and promoting the HOA legal concept and model of government.

To participate you will receive an invite with a password giving the time and date of the session. You will need this info when you sign up for the session at webinar time.

To receive an invitation please respond to gks256@NYU.edu with “webinar” as the subject and the email address that you will use to participate

HOA Lost Constitution Webinar

Veritas para justitia

This seminar dares discuss the CAI taboos! 

This FREE StarMan Group webinar series summarizes and follows the materials – the text — comprising the HOA educational series to reorient HOA boards and the public in general. The text is available online under the collection, “Restoring the Lost Constitution to HOA-Land.”

The first webinar is planned for Friday, May 22, at 11:00 AM PDT. It will cover introductory materials needed to understand the reasons for BOD reorientation.

To receive an invitation please respond to gks256@NYU.edu with “webinar” as the subject and the email address that you will use to participate.


  1. Format

Free ZOOM webinars; mute attendees

The sessions are limited to less than 100 attendees

Time restraint to 30 minutes

Attendees may submit questions via chat to be answered at later session.

Password protected

Will be recorded

Set Weekly schedule –

Session sequence

  1. Introduction

Plan supplement – education

BOD reorientation to constitutionality

About CAI – real CAI, misrepresentation

2.      Substantive constitutionality reforms — HOA Common Sense – subject to revision.

Boards do no wrong, #7

Fair and just hearings, #6

Draconian punishment, #8

Democratic elections, #5

Consent to be governed, #4; fair elections post

The HOA-Land Nation

3.      Scope of Outlaw nation

Oath of Allegiance

HOA history — Establishing New America

Plan to restructure HOAs

3.     Supplemental material and reading

Need for BOD education on constitutionality

Restoring HOA constitutionality

HOA-Land map

Plan to restructure HOAs

Supplemental readings

CAI misrepresentation

Will the real Community Associations Institute (CAI) standup

Oath of allegiance





CAI response to HOA COVID-19 payments

The following is the form letter CAI HQ is urging everyone to send to Congress to oppose a federal bill granting exclusions for HOA assessments.  HOAs “uber alles.”
“I am writing to strongly oppose legislation like H.R. 6423 and S. 3565 that impose a national moratorium on debt collection during the COVID-19 national emergency.
This legislation is too broad and will harm the financial interests of households in homeowners associations, condominium associations, and housing cooperatives (collectively, community associations).
. . . .
“When one homeowner is unable to pay assessments, these costs are passed to other homeowners in the community. This increases housing costs, spreading financial distress to other community households. [Part of the HOA contract is the implication of a joint and severable liability by the homeonwers. Didn’t you know this???]
“Community associations are working with homeowners suffering from the economic impact of the COVID-19 national emergency. A recent survey by Community Associations Institute indicated a 20 percent increase in requests for forbearance or payment plans by homeowners who are unable to pay assessments. Beyond this goodwill, community associations are subject to state laws that require payment plans for delinquent assessments.  [Not clear whether or not HOA honored them].
CAI logo
“I ask that you oppose extreme legislation like H.R. 6423 and S. 3563. Thank you for considering my views and I look forward to your reply.”